The Intro

This is a guide that has been put together on real life experiences.  This guide is to help home owners manage their investment properties remotely without the headache of a not so awesome property manager who controls your property and tells you the owner what you can and cannot do.  Technology can be hard, it can be scary if you are unfamiliar with it.  But have no fear!  Your friendly IT investment nerd is here!


We will start off by the equipment you may need and from there we will go into setting them up and then making them all work together, or independently.

Equipment List


The Brains of the system

None of this can actually work unless we have a smart controller, Never fear.  SmartThings is here!

This part of the guide will not show you how to set this up, But the Guide of setting up SmartThings will!.

Deadbolts and Locks

Right now this guide will only cover smart deadlocks from Schlag.  So for this part, Here is a guide to install a Schlag deadbolt and connect it to your SmartThings controller.

Controlling your HVAC and/or Window and or Mini-Split systems

Controlling your home AC and Heating

The guide for Setting up your Ecobee Thermostats can be found with the guide of Setting up and installing your Ecobee!

Controlling your Window Units or Mini-Splits 

Like the thermostats, Here is the guide for installing your Sensibo controller.  (You will need 1 for every device you wish to control!) and of course, here is the guide for installing these devices.